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Concerning Hidden Realities and Human Destiny

The Tolkien Road - Ep117 - The Lord of the Rings - Bk5 - Ch3 - The Muster of Rohan

John Carswell | Monday, August 07, 2017

Concerning "The Muster of Rohan", from arcane artifacts to an urgent summons...

  • Merry’s Weariness - 15:00
  • White Rider, Black Rider - 21:00
  • The Púkel-men & the Firienfeld - 30:00
  • Legends of the Paths of the Dead - 37:30
  • The Red Arrow - 47:00
  • “From dark Dunharrow in the dim morning…” - 57:00
  • Haiku & Correspondence - 1:02:00

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