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Concerning Hidden Realities and Human Destiny

Modern Naïveté

John Carswell | Wednesday, August 02, 2017

It is only an age deficient in the realization of God’s majesty that could be surprised that Christ Jesus should only gradually have led men to the realization of a truth, which such men would find so shattering. I have already spoken of our modern tendency to treat God as an equal, or at any rate to overlook the immeasurable difference between His infinity and our finitude. In such an atmosphere, men think with a certain naivety of God as an interesting person to meet, and of themselves happily engaging in an interchange of views with Him upon the running of His universe, they making their suggestions and God explaining His difficulties and everybody feeling the better for the interchange. In such an atmosphere nothing seems more natural than that God should simply introduce Himself, and with the minimum of ceremony.

I have called this naive, and naive it is to the point of drivelling. No Jew of Our Lord’s day, however sinful he might have been, would have felt like that for an instant. If Christ Our Lord had begun with the announcement that He was God, and they had believed Him, they would simply have fallen flat on their faces and never got up. To men with their awareness of the majesty of God, the truth that Christ was God had to be broken very gradually or it would have broken them. If we read the Gospels with this in mind, we can see how marvellously Our Lord brought the Apostles to realization. His method was not to tell them, but to bring them to a point where they would tell Him.

-- Frank Sheed, Theology and Sanity
Frank Sheed Theology and Sanity All Things Are Made of Nothing

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