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Concerning Hidden Realities and Human Destiny

Hidden Realities: A Disclaimer

John Carswell | Friday, July 28, 2017

"We do not fix our gaze on what is seen but on what is unseen. What is seen is transitory; what is unseen lasts forever."
- Paul the Apostle

A while back, I added a new tagline to this site: "Concerning Hidden Realities and Human Destiny." For some time now, I've been meaning to explain what this is all about. But where to start?

Theodore Rousseau Mont Saint-Michel Tolkien Catholicism

"Mont Saint-Michel" by Theodore Rousseau

Since the beginning, TrueMyths has been a site about Tolkien, and more specifically a site focused on discerning what one might call the metaphysics of Tolkien (aka "the Meta-Tolkien" as I heretofore name it). More than anything, it's the underlying philosophy of Tolkien's works that most captivates me, not so much the accidents (dragons, orcs, dwarves) but the substances (what are these things, how did they come to be, and what do they mean)?

Tolkien's metaphysic is strongly connected with Catholicism, for when a person who is a Catholic takes their faith as seriously as he did, it is impossible for it not to strongly affect the way they see everything. So I am beginning a new series here that I'll be calling "Hidden Realities" in which I will be going through the Catholic faith in a somewhat systematic manner, sharing my own experience of these things. I myself am a convert to the Catholic faith (though I have been a Christian all my life), and I want to talk about what it is that I have found.

Yet the last thing I want to do is use Tolkien as a subterfuge for throwing some Catholic Christianity at you. For me, to expand into a discussion of Catholicism and Christianity is a natural outgrowth of studying Tolkien's own view of reality. His works are infused with this stuff, and anyone who says otherwise suffers from mere ignorance or major denial.

At the same time, I do really love and have an abundance of enthusiasm for the Catholic faith. I feel as though in it I have found the true reality, the unquenchable flame in our existential darkness, and when someone finds this, they are compelled by joy to want to share it with others. Furthermore, as I speak of these things, I do so in all wonder and humility, as one along for the journey of discovery. I may be acting as a tour-guide, but I feel more like a tourist. Bear with me here.

So blah blah blah...I hope you'll forgive this rambling introduction. It is begun, or at least I have said what I wanted to say by way of preface or disclaimer. My discussion of Hidden Realities shall set out in the next post, with the one subject which truly begins anything and everything: God.

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