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Concerning Hidden Realities and Human Destiny

A Sort of Nihilism

John Carswell | Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If a carpenter makes a chair, he can leave it and the chair will not cease to be. For the material he used in its making has a quality called rigidity, by virtue of which it will retain its nature as a chair. The maker of the chair has left it, but the chair can still rely for continuance in existence upon the material he used, the wood. Similarly if the Maker of the universe left it, the universe, too, would have to rely for continuance in existence upon the material He used -- nothing. In short, the truth that God used no material in our making carries with it the not-sufficiently-realized truth that God continues to hold us in being, and that unless He did so we should simply cease to be.

This is the truth about the universe as a whole and about every part of it. Material beings—the human body, for instance—are made up of atoms, and these again of electrons and protons, and these again of who knows what; but whatever may be the ultimate constituents of matter, God made them of nothing, so that they and the beings so imposingly built up of them exist only because He keeps them in existence. Spiritual beings—the human soul, for instance—have no constituent parts. Yet they do not escape this universal law. They are created by God of nothing and could not survive an instant without His conserving power. We are held above the surface of our native nothingness solely by God’s continuing Will to hold us so.

-- Frank Sheed, Theology and Sanity
Frank Sheed Theology and Sanity All Things Are Made of Nothing

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